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The ironic thing is that I was a foreclosure attorney, until the firm fired me in 2006 after five and a half years. I never took glee in seizing people’s houses; some of my brethren did. My good friend Chris and I found it humorous and sad. Usually the bank wins; we saw no reason to tramp on the people losing their homes. Several of the attorneys thought it was amusing. I diagnosed them, having been a psych major in college, they were all male, short in stature who had had bad relationships with women. I guess they’d decided to take out their angst on homeowners.

I didn’t think I’d end up in the position of the homeowner being sued in foreclosure court. After M offed himself in the house, I was pretty sure I’d sell it; but then life went on and I stayed here. I even put 84k into the house. How surprised was i when the house decreased the same amount in value! If I were not the protagonist of this story; I’d really have to laugh about it.

Since I was fired there are no jobs on the horizon unless I sell some art or a book. I heard the firm that once employed Barack and Michelle Obama laid of eighty-nine attorneys. Before my unemployment runs out I am buying a very nice tent; to move to a tent city in a warm clime. I also have tons of furniture and art for sale. If worse came to worse, and no doubt it will, I’ll have to start adopting out my three canine kids: Annabella, Babette, and Celine.

You do what you have to.