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Four Small Space Dwelling Myths

Writing for the last two years and contributing daily to Apartment Therapy for almost as long, I have had some really interesting and quite the eye opening of conversations about small space dwellings. 

These are four popular myths that many people think about living small:

1. Can’t afford a larger space
2. Don’t have a lot of stuff
3. Aren’t really into design but live small for convenience
4. Living small means living with very little

Hmmm. Interesting, to say the least. I’d like to take some time and break some of these myths and get the small space conversation going.

Myth #1: Can’t afford a larger space.
Reality: Small spaces dwellers tend to live in urban cities where rental and home prices are four times higher than suburban areas. Based solely on this, yes, people living in cities can’t afford larger homes but probably spend more on a space in a city then a huge house in a suburb. The average two-bedroom in San Francisco, CA goes for almost $1700 where as it’s only a little more then $600 in Fargo, North Dakota. (via WTN)

Myth #2: Small space dwellers don’t have a lot of stuff.
Reality: This one always makes me smile. Most small space dwellers have tons of stuff, we just are creative about integrating decor and design into our home, ideally creating a space that has a comfortable floor plan. By using the walls, creating zones and using scale and balance, small spaces are just as filled as other larger homes—we just edit our material items.

Myth #3: People living in small spaces aren’t really into design.
Reality: People that live in smaller spaces are often incredibly creative and resourceful since they have to be to live fully in their smaller spaces. By being thoughtful and considerate of their small space, the design ideas and efficiencies are interesting, relevant and full of style from the paint palette to furniture selection to accents.

Myth #4: Living small means living with very little.
Reality: Living small simply mean your square footage is just less then other places.  That’s it, really. As I mentioned above, people who live small have learned how to really use their space to the fullest and create a stylish and resourceful home.

What do you think about these myths? Are you a small space dweller, like me, and have experienced any of these? 

Originally published on lovinglivingsmall 

Photo courtesy of lovinglivingsmall