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Four Steps to Reclaim Your Money Mojo

For several weeks in the spring of 2002, I was homeless.

At that time, having just moved back to Philadelphia from Los Angeles, I was too poor to afford an apartment. I also felt too ashamed to tell my friends and family that I was in such dire financial straits.
Thus, by day I lived out of my car or hung out at the local library. By night, if a couch was available, I crashed at a friend’s house under the guise that I hadn’t yet found a place to live.
Suffice to say, I had hit a financial rock bottom.
It was one of the most painful and humiliating experiences of my life, especially given the fact that I was a well-educated, smart, and resourceful woman.
But at that time, despite having a background in finance, when it came to understanding money or how it worked, I didn’t have a clue. Thus, several weeks into that homeless experience, I made a decision to not only rebuild my financial life, but to study wealth, including how one created it.
As a result of that experience when combined with my deep spiritual awareness, I learned how to manifest significant amounts of money and, in the process, rebuilt my financial resources.
Here are the four main shifts I made to reclaim my money mojo:
1. Ditch your poverty consciousness.
Stop making promises, vows, or resolutions to cut spending, to work harder, or to save more.
Yes, you need to be financially responsible. And yes, you need to assume responsibility for your finances. However, when you approach money in this way, your decisions flow from a poverty consciousness or a perspective based on lack (and even fear).
This is not how you build wealth, but how you remain stuck in a financial life of status quo.
2. Embrace a new money paradigm.
Wealth is not a destination, but a state of consciousness. Thus, your experience of wealth—or money—is the direct result of your thoughts about it.
Don’t seek to make money. Instead, seek to understand your thoughts about money—and change the ones that don’t match the money life you want to experience. Next, align your choices and actions with these new, empowered thoughts.
As a result, you’ll shift your money paradigm from one of it being a destination to one in which wealth begins within you. More importantly, this source of wealth is of limitless supply.
3. Give yourself permission to change.
Understand that your new thoughts about money will challenge your old, inaccurate money paradigm—one by which your loved ones and society still live. Give yourself permission to change anyway.
Understand, too, that once you change and begin to experience wealth, feelings of guilt may also arise. Remember, guilt is a shaming technique. It keeps you playing small and disconnected from the unlimited source of wealth within you.
Again, give yourself permission to change anyway.
4. Remember that money is only paper.
It has absolutely no value other than what you give it. Your value, however, is priceless no matter how little or how much “paper” you have in your life. Always remember this and you’ll never confuse your true worth with your net worth.