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Frugally Shopping for the Young Ones

So you never thought raising a child could be so expensive? Well guess what, it is, so every chance that you get to save a few dollars, take it.

Finding places outside of the toy store and Babies ’R’ Us to purchase baby items at a steep discount to the retailers is a golden opportunity to help inflate your bank account.

If you head out your front door or any given Saturday or Sunday morning you will more than likely notice that families all across America are selling off their old household items via a pastime known as garage sales.

These weekend treasure hunting expeditions are great for many reasons:

  • Ability to buy items for pennies on the dollar
  • Negotiable prices
  • Don’t have to drive far (no wasting gas)

A parent recently was able to purchase a once expensive dollhouse that has never been used for $5. The original cost of this doll house was $54.99. This is very common and some other great finds for babies at a yard sale consist of:

  • Fisher price items
  • Cribs
  • Books
  • Stroller
  • Video games
  • Electronics
  • Toddler gyms
  • Jumparoos

All of these items and tons more are available every week and all can be purchased for more than reasonable prices which is great for the frugally conscious shopper. In the long run this creates a huge savings for parents.

So next time your young one is in need of some toys or necessities like a stroller, search around the neighborhood or the internet for a neighborhood garage sale!