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Gasifiers Empower Women to Make Their Own Electricity

Gasifiers provide renewable energy to individual households. It’s green, sustainable, and you can make electricity yourself. A gasifier uses waste bio products like yard waste, wood waste, plant life, poop, trash and it converts it into a gas that can then power your motor or generator. It’s like owning your own power station and the best part is that it is empowering for women and their families to not suffer the consequences of blackouts or to have a disaster plan for their electrical needs. It can also be the energy source for that dream remote cabin or your daily energy provider to go off grid.

So women make meals, keep the house neat, watch the kids and some of us work. Now you can add making your own electricity to your to-do list and why not? It’s nice to be able to fend for yourself and be a little mechanically inclined. A Woody Gasifier is as easy to use as a car. You put fuel (biomass) in and it starts up then you start up your generator.

All right, maybe that’s really simplifying it but once everything is set up, it really is that easy. Now is the dawn of a new age where women can control more of her destiny and assure that her household is running as efficiently as possible and with the budget that she can afford. Many women are now including in her list of to-do’s making her own electricity.

Woody Gasifier has the best gasifier ( and it’s made out of stainless steel. The Off Gridder model is the first multi-fuel gasifier for the home power generation market. Using wood pellets, wood chunks, chips and certain types of agricultural waste, it is able to meet the power needs of an efficient home in as little as 2–4 hours a day. Beneficial bi-products include heat for hot water and biochar for gardening.

The Off Gridder uses thermal decomposition to break the wood into its most basic elements: hydrogen, burnable carbon gases, methane, and inert nitrogen. These gases, created on site, act like natural gas to power engines and electric generators.

Plant waste called biomass, makes a compelling alternative energy source because it’s usually available on site or locally and allows plants to provide oxygen, clean water, habitat and carbon sinking before becoming a renewable energy fuel. Truly green energy.

“What most people don’t understand is that we don’t have to level mountains or go beneath the sands of Saudi Arabia to meet our personal electric needs. We have hydrocarbons right here growing all around us. Trees and plant waste are renewable, carbon neutral fuels that we can grow and harness locally”, says the designer, inventor and CEO Ben Peterson, a winner of Popular Mechanic’s Backyard Genius Award 2009 and founder of, the largest social network on gasification in the world.

Looking at where women are headed and her controlling as much as she can the uncertain world, why not add energy creation? Women can power their homes, keep the warm meals coming and bathe their children in warm, toasty water and all the while have the satisfaction that she made it happen. How’s that for empowering!