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Get Famous!

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dennis Erokan, founder of the Placemaking Group. Dennis is a long time veteran of public relations; he got his start in the music industry in California. He is a perfect candidate to help any business owner achieve fame on a local level and within their industry.

When Dennis speaks of fame for a business owner, he is not talking about being on the front page of gossip magazines, having people flock after you to get your autograph; he is talking about being known as the “go to person” for what you do. When people think of your product or service, they should automatically think of your name.

Dennis revealed during his interview, that having a strategy to acquire this popularity is crucial. The process takes time, it’s not an overnight success like so many business owners currently believe. Dennis also shared that part of the strategy is to know exactly what makes you different, if it’s a process, a certain product no one else can get, that is what sets you apart from your competitors. He also shared how important it is to have a goal for your strategy, begin with the end in mind. 

I was also able to get Dennis to share some of his favorite social networking sites to help a business owner push their success forward. LinkedIn was the top pick for him, with Facebook as a strong second.

Kerry Heaps