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Get Your Business Buzzin’

No, it’s not a swarm of bees. That sound is your business buzzing! It’s the type of buzz that sounds like sweet music to your ears. To create that buzz, your business needs an integrated marketing plan to guide your efforts in a consistent way. A diverse marketing mix makes all the difference. 

First, let’s start with branding. Your brand represents your business and can set you apart from your competition. A professional logo is a great start to your branding, but just one piece of your identity. Branding is the impression you leave with your customers. Carry this approach through everything your customers see: business cards, website, signage, newsletters, advertisements, and your customer service. Remember, your brand is usually the first part of your business that customers encounter; if you want to look professional, you should hire an experienced designer to create your marketing materials. 

Once you have created a brand identity, it’s time to start marketing. Online marketing is a great place to market to everyone; so most likely your target audience is at the click of your mouse. No matter the size or type of business, a website is a must. However, just don’t have a website to have one. Your website is available 24/7 so it needs to be well-crafted to work for your business. Just as a professionally designed brand is important, the same goes for your website. After all, the last thing you want is for it to look like your ten-year-old nephew built the site. Along with a website, online marketing can include pay-per-click, search-engine optimization, blogs, email marketing, social media, videos, and linkbacks.

Public relations can help your business build rapport with customers, employees, investors, media, and the community. It is a way to communicate in many forms with your target audience. For example, events, community outreach, publicity campaigns, news stories, broadcasts, and publications are all forms of public relations spreading the word about your business. The bottom line is to spread the word about you, your company, your products and services to those who could potentially buy from you.

So as you can see to create that buzz your business craves, a solid marketing plan is essential. The pilot flying the jet doesn’t fly aimlessly through the sky instead there is a point of destination. The same goes for your business. A marketing plan serves as your map to success. With it, you’ll start to hear the buzz.