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Giving Gifts on Administrative Professional Day

Administrative Professionals Day is one day that you do not want to forget. It is as big a deal as forgetting your spouse’s birthday or anniversary—unacceptable! So to avoid any repercussions, simply don’t forget.

This day can be quite stressful: Whom do you acknowledge? How do you acknowledge? How much do you spend? What do you give? Don’t stress. We break it all down for you.   

Whom do you acknowledge?
It is important to say thank you to everyone who assists you and makes your work week easier. This includes everyone from the receptionist to the clerks, to your personal assistant. In other words, if you have to contemplate it, then you should probably acknowledge her (or his) help on this day.

How to acknowledge?

Ask to take your Administrative Professional out to lunch and present the gift and card to her (or him) at the lunch. This makes the setting more private and it shows that you are taking time from your busy schedule to show your appreciation.

How much to spend?
You should first check with your company and make sure that there are no limitations on employee gifting. If there are no company rules, SSM suggests that you spend an amount that you are comfortable with based on length of service and performance. As a general rule of thumb, for less than five years of service, a twenty-five- to fifty-dollar gift is appropriate. If your administrative professional has been with you longer, then you may want to spend a little more.

What do I give?
Since you probably can’t give what she (or he) wants the most—a paid day off—then you should give a gift that she can use and that she will be excited about receiving. Something to bring a smile: beautiful flowers that brighten up her desk , a gift certificate to a spa, or a pretty candle. For more gift ideas check out our Administrative Professional Gift Guide.

What do I write in the card?
You MUST say thanks! Remember that this is the person who keeps you on schedule, answers your phone, makes your appointments and does your busy work. You cannot live without this person, so make sure that you express this in your card. Everyone likes to know that they are needed and this is exactly what you need to say. Some common ways to express this are as follows:

“Thank you for all that you do! I could not do my job without you.” “I appreciate your hard work, dedication and support.” “I am so lucky to have you on my team. Thank you for all that you do.”

P.S. Make sure you handwrite this yourself—do not ask your secretary to do this for you!

Administrative Professionals Day this year is April 22, 2009