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Giving Thanks Is Stressful

With Thanksgiving here, I felt like I “should” write about giving thanks. I felt like I “should” write about how important it is to give thanks for all that is in your life. And while this is all important and good, it isn’t really what I’m inspired to write about. What I do feel inspired to write about is the craziness that often surrounds this holidays. It’s a time when we travel home to spend time with families. It’s when we sleep in our old bedrooms in our twin beds. Or when we pack a car with every imaginable baby need possible and pray that we won’t hit traffic. It’s when we try to figure out the right time to go to the grocery store so that we won’t stand in line for hours.

Let’s be honest, Thanksgiving is a lot of work. Not just for the person cooking (though mostly so) but for everyone. And I just want to take a moment to acknowledge that and say that even good stress is still stress. And in the lead up to Thanksgiving; the packing, the cooking, the coordinating, it’s okay to not feel thankful initially. But as with everything, the bunkering down does pay off. It’s not until you finally sit down and are surrounded by family and clinking glasses that you realize what you are thankful for. That all the craziness is worth it and how lucky we all are.

Wishing everyone a wonderful, warm and yummy Thanksgiving.