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Got That Cash Flow Glow?

We are so excited about the wonders of personal cash flow management that we might drop the word “flow” altogether and call it “cash glow” for short. Brothers and sisters, we are so electrified by the Glow that is Cash Flow that every time the author tries to write about it, she turns into her preacher daddy and testifies. The Glory of the Glow transforms. It inspires. Give yourself over to the Glow and witness, neighbors and friends, your life never be the same … 

Cash Glow True Stories
After, planning the family cash flow, one transformed friend we’ll call Jamie, said, “Instead of focusing on financial problems, my husband and I are coming up with new ideas to be proactive about our financial future.” 

“There’s magic that happens,” another convert related. “Erin saves marriages through cash flow.” 

What Is the Big Deal about Cash Flow?
Cash flow planning can handle anything that affects your finances. The mighty little mantra “income minus expenses over time” takes the mystery out of where your money goes. It lets you know explicitly how much money you have and how much you’ll need, by helping you forecast your future, month by month. 

Why not, if you know you’ll need money for new tires in five months, map that into your plan? That way, for each of the five months ahead, you can save for them, or at least recognize tire money is spoken for in that month of the forecast. Result: you won’t overextend. 

Why not map out the flow for the year, and set aside some money each month for unforeseen circumstances? Or a vacation you have in mind. When you are active in your cash flow planning, your financial life gets flexible. Room to breathe, anyone? Welcome to that Cash Flow Glow. You can put any event in your life into your cash flow plan and feel freed up, knowing it’s accounted for. 

I’m Okay, You’re Okay
Cash flow fluency is a life regulator. It helps you to know what kind of action you need to take with your money at any given time. Can I afford coffee at Peet’s today? Knowing what I’ve got ahead of me, do I want to? Maybe it’s time for radical action. When you can see your income and expenses mapped out in front of you, that $2 balance projected for October is going to get your creative juices flowing on how to bring in more money and where to cut expenses.

The settled feeling you get, being at the command center of your money situation? That’s Cash Glow. The freedom to make intelligent moves, rather than hold your breath and wonder how it’s going to be next month? That’s the Glow we love. Cash Flow Glow that gets us evangelizing. Try it. It might get you crowing, too. 

Originally published on GreenSherpa