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Green Business Start Up Opportunity

A green business start up opportunity is available to everyone who buys laundry detergent, hand soap, bathroom cleaners or Windex. If they know where to look, and what to look for.

Where to look is simple. The internet is full of eco friendly cleaners.

What to look for is a thing called “Transfer Spending.” This is where the consumer actually spends less money on a similar product.

By offering a safer cleaner for less money that cleans as well or better than the products the consumer already buys, seems like an easy sale. And it is, when you add to that the fact that the consumer can be compensated for telling their friends and family about the product.

Companies like Wowgreen International are making it possible for homeowners who purchase regular cleaning supplies to simply transfer their spending and get a green business start up opportunity in return.

The concept of transfer spending and rewarding those who make the switch is not new. Companies like Amway have been doing it for decades and their members rank among some of the wealthiest start up business entrepreneurs in the US.

Wowgreen is following the lead of Amway to offer their enzyme based cleaners to households across America, and their company is exploding with new distributors everyday because they pay each distributor for every new member they bring in, and then give them commissions on all future sales.

Let’s See Ivory or Clorox Do That!
With the new surge of Eco-Mindness sweeping the world, what used to be considered a “hippie thing” is now being considered Mainstream, and going green is no longer left to a select few, but rather, only a select few will reject the green movement.

Getting on board with an easy green business start up opportunity has never been easier for the regular working moms and dads who already spend the money on daily cleaners.

Change brands, tell a friend, and earn a commission. Going green has never been easier!