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Habits of Wealth

Much research has been done on the characteristics of highly successful people. What differentiates people and their level of success? Their Habits! Want to be wealthy too? Change your habits. Now since that is easier said than done, we will give you a little support. Just like it is important to build on habits, practice, and become consistent over time (21-30 days to build a new habit). We are going to support you in your new habit over time. Each week our newsletter will build on the next, giving you a new habit to practice.

Habit #1
Every Penny Counts
Wealthy people know that every penny counts. They keep track of every penny. Bless every penny, and count every penny. Spend this week making sure every penny counts. When you find a penny, take a minute to feel grateful. When you spend a penny, take a minute to write it down in a spending log. Find ways to make a penny, by thinking of a new way to make money or save money this week. At the end of the week, add up all the pennies and count your blessings.