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Happy Holiday Marketing

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. For businesses, it can be the busiest time of year. That is, with the right holiday marketing. 

As a gift to you, here are some helpful holiday marketing tips:

1. Holiday cards: Send a personalized holiday card to your customer database and add your branding to it. You can even include a holiday promotion such as a coupon off their next purchase. 

2. Customized gifts: Create holiday gifts embellished with your company branding to sell or give as a free gift to your customers. For example, a customized gift could be a sleeve of golf balls or cookies in a box with your company name printed on it. 

3. Add holiday cheer to your website: Decorate your homepage with holiday mistletoe or garnish your logo with snowflakes. You can spice up your website for the holiday season and offer a special online discount to download.

4. Create the holiday experience in your store: Offer free holiday gift wrap, play holiday music, decorate the store, serve hot chocolate or host an in-store event. You get the picture. Make visiting your shop during the holiday season fun and exciting.

5. Donate to a cause: Host a toy drive or adopt a family for the holidays. Give back to those in need during the holiday season. It will make you feel good about yourself as well as get your name out as a company that gives back in the community.

6. Celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas: Offer a promotion, webinar, event, or giveaway for each of the twelve days of Christmas. Be sure to capture the names and contact information for customers who take part in the festivities.

7. Make a video: A fun holiday video with your staff is a great way to spread holiday cheer and get some publicity. Your staff could sing a favorite holiday song, do a skit, or whatever delights you. Be sure to post the video on your website, email to your customers and share on YouTube.

8. Tie your business into the holiday: Can you offer advice about something holiday related? For example, if you are a restaurant, perhaps you offer a couple great holiday recipes. If you own a boutique, you could give fashion tips for holiday parties. Offer this advice to your customers through different means of communications—in person, web, social media, press release, etc.

9. Produce a seasonal gift: Only sell the product or service during the holiday season to create anticipation for it. Just as restaurants bring out the pumpkin or candy cane flavor treats, your business could feature a product or service that is limited and seasonal to advertise to your customers. 

10. Set a price for every budget: Don’t leave out any potential customers. Set your prices to fit any budget during the holiday season. Develop packages to fit everyone’s pocketbook.

Bundle it up: Arrange products and services that complement each other in bundles to sell at a reduced rate. You can even create a theme.

Have your own Black Friday: Promote a one-day only special on your product or service as part of a Black Friday sale. Make sure it’s an offer they can’t refuse.