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Hard Times

Hard times have fallen. There is little food in the house. I owe money on the property taxes and cannot pay them.

After I pay the bills, there is no money left. I am working a part time job that does not bring in enough money and I am going further into debt. Although the house is all paid for, we may lose it for lack of being able to pay the taxes on it. 

I haven’t bought anything much in years now. I have lived on a very austere budget and only spent the bare minimum to live on. I do not get any public assistance or food stamps because they will place a lien on the house if I ask. I have no husband to help with expenses or even a roomer to share expenses although I have tried to find someone. I have made many applications for work but have not received many phone calls regarding employment.

Ten years ago, I suffered a TIA stroke and now my left side is weaker than the right. I am not able to lift without pain and furthering injury. I am going to a doctor and plan a MRI at the hospital soon. I continued to work for many years until my company went bankrupt. I was on unemployment for over a year until I finally found part time work at a Senior Nutrition Center. Although I have worked there for seven months now, I am still not able to keep up with all my debts.

No golden parachute here. Even though I have worked for over forty-two years, there has been response to my needs.
There is no one to turn to and I am now in great despair. I have even started to seriously contemplate suicide.
There is just no way out. Bankruptcy is for lining the pockets of lawyers. Ironically, I had plenty of money until the Fannie Mae debacle whereupon my family lost $20,000. The leaders in Congress and the wealthy bankers have undermined the well being of many families.

One would think that after forty-two years of work, poverty would be unthinkable. But the government continues to subsidize big corporations and bail out big bankers who are allowed to do whatever they please. They are too big and have too much money to ever consider the damage they have caused many hard-working people. NYS is 10 billion dollars in debt and California’s debt is $20 billion. Many states are teetering on insolvency. 

The Social Security trust fund has been tapped and the federal government is billions of dollars in debt. It is no wonder they cannot honor their financial obligations/ My family saved for over twenty years only to watch much of it disappear within days. I am almost sixty and have lost all confidence in Ameica as a nation as it is currently being unadministered by huge, greedy corporations and big government.