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Harvest Free Water

After last year’s dry spell and phenomenal water bill, all in the support of our home grown veggies, my husband and I figured there was a better, cheaper, smarter way to get all the fresh water we needed for the garden. 

After searching, we found 250-gallon, sealed, plastic water barrels (perfect for combating mosquito and frog issues). We bought two barrels and placed them in the back and side yards, well hidden behind a screen of shrubs and privacy lattice. My husband diverted the rain fall that normally pours off the roof to the barrels by way of the gutter down spouts. Once the water is six inches from the top, the overflow gutters take care of the extra water. Depending on the storm, the barrels are replenished in as little as one or two hours.  

A spigot at the bottom of the barrel, attached to a hose, allows us to fill our watering can.