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Have You Ever Had One of “Those Days”?

Sometimes a really “bad” day is a really “good” one in disguise!!!

How many times have you gotten upset when things haven’t “gone your way” in business?  This happens to the best of us and we assume we are having a “bad” day.  Can we turn it around? 

Recently I had one of these days.  It started with three difficult phone calls that I had to make.  I needed a game plan and so I decided what I wanted the outcome of each call to be before I dialed.  I took a deep breath and made the calls.  The first call was the most difficult. One of my best clients hadn’t approved an invoice and wanted to change our existing agreement. 

Things are always changing in business and sometimes it is important to re-evaluate some of the relationships that you have with pre-existing clients. Just because I had worked with this company for seven years doesn’t mean things don’t change.  Companies change, people change, new management comes in, your favorite contacts leave and the dynamic of the organization changes and so does your already established relationship.

When I was done with the three calls, I was proud.  I was successful just because I made the calls.  I felt empowered. I faced the day and what it brought with confidence and armed myself with clear communication and a calmed mindset.  This was my approach to get what I needed. I shifted my energy and the day followed. I decided that it was time to re-evaluate the type of client I want to work with and attract into my business. I cleaned out the “clutter” of old clients and relationships that no longer suited me or my business.  I was able to create space and I focused on bringing in new clients.  Later that very same day, I got a call from a GREAT new client that met my new criteria.   \

Moral of the story:  One door closing means another will open.  It is ok to want what you want and to walk away from business if you need to.  Being an expert means crossing those scary lines.  It is important to ask for what you want and know that it will come.  Stay centered, focused and don't let "problems" in your day take you away from your focus, drive, and your determination.  Sometimes a smile, being positive and charging forward is the best thing!