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Hey World, Can You Hear Me Now? Overseas Calls for Cheap

Whether you make just one international long distance call a month or numerous calls, it pays to compare international calling plans to find the best overseas phone rate for the country you are calling.

Always check dial around rates because in many instances a dial around number will give you the cheapest international long distance from the USA.

The plans I have listed on CheapTelephoneBills offer some of the lowest per minute rates when calling from the U.S. to another country. There are also international calling plans that target certain cities to give you the best phone rate for just that specific city. Yet even within these calling plans there can be a few cents difference in some cases. As always, read the fine print for every plan to know exactly what you are getting.

International Calling Plans Can Vary by City
Don’t assume that a plan with a low rate within the U.S. will also have a cheap international phone rate. Many people believe that just because a calling plan has a great low rate for long distance calls within the U.S., this same plan will have a low overseas phone rate. Although this can be true, it isn’t always true.

If you need to use a separate dial around number to receive the lowest international phone rate, do it. If you make calls to a few different countries, check to see if you would be better served by using one calling plan for calls to one country, then a different dial around number for calls to another country. In many cases, taking the time to do this can save you a lot of money on your international long distance phone service.

Always check what the Universal Service Fund (USF) fee is: It is becoming more and more common for companies to charge a USF fee for state-to-state and overseas calls (the USF fee does not apply to long distance calls within your state). The average fee is about 9 percent, but many companies have a much higher USF fee.

As always, read the fine print.

Dial Around Numbers Key to Cheap International Phone Rate
Know if your call to another country has a minimum minute per call charge. One of the best ways to get a cheap international phone rate is by using a dial around number.

Some company plans have a 10- or 20-minute minimum charge per call, so a one-minute call could be pretty expensive in the long run. I will use a hypothetical situation as an example:

Let’s say you need to make a call to Germany and you see that the rate is 15¢ per minute. But this calling plan also has a 20-minute minimum charge per call. You make the call and someone answers the phone and informs you the person you want to talk to isn’t home. Your call lasted only 2 minutes, but because it has a 20-minute minimum you have just paid $3.00 for that 2-minute call.

Now, if you know you will be talking for a while, using a minimum minute plan is fine and in fact can sometimes save you a lot of money. But if you’re not sure if that person is home or not, look into using a different dial around number on your first call.

You can easily use one dial around number that maybe has a little higher per minute rate, then if the person you are trying to reach is available to talk, call them back using the plan with the lower per minute rate but has the minimum minute per call charge. Some people don’t want to take the time to do this, but for those who do it can save them some serious money on their international long distance.

For help in finding the best rates and plan for your calling patterns, call Absolute Low Long Distance toll-free at 1-888-447-2529. 

Originally published on YoungMoney