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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Work I Go–Part Two

You all may remember that I have been searching for a job to supplement The Midlife Gals’ madness and-so-far-minisculey-funded creative pursuits (forgive my spelling of minisculey, but I believe I have just made a new word). Anyway, I’ve pounded the pavement and even applied at The Container Store. But, while I was waiting to hand over my ‘over-qualificated’ (yay...another new word) resume to the manager, I had plenty of time to watch the employees, each with an apron on … lots of little affirmative buttons pinned to the apron, and each person wearing a tee shirt that read … ”Contain Yourself.” Lest you accuse me of being a complete elitist snob of the first order … if I HAD to work at The Container Store, which I LOVE, and who doesn’t? … I would. I have yet to reach that lowly of a point in my life to don the apron and tee shirt.

I was actually successful in procuring an assistant position back before the Christmas holidays. On my forth day, I discovered that my employer held approximately 23,000 emails in his inbox. I am not kidding. This was in addition to the three-foot-tall stacks of papers and folders spread all around his office. He might have been a candidate for the television show, Hoarders, were they ever to use a work place environment on location. I no longer work for this particular employer.

I’ve always found the most amazing jobs, houses, cars … just everything by using ‘the cold call’ or ‘walk-in.’ This just works better for me … kind of like the old vacuum salesmen who, when you opened your door, threw dirt on your carpet, so you HAD to let them in to clean it up, and poof … you owned a new vacuum before they could get to the next house! I find that I can talk my way in pretty much all of the time. And, I think that it’s nice to have an immediate ‘visual’ of a prospective employee right off the bat. Job seekers should attach an eight by ten headshot with their resumes. That’s what actors do; and aren’t we all just acting at our work places every day anyway? Oh, come on! You know who you are.

I walked in to a little high-end real estate company, noticed no receptionist, heard voices down the hall, walked back, peaked my head in an open doorway where two adorable, middle-aged Texas gals sat, and I said, “You all need a receptionist, and I’m looking for a job.” I think their response in unison was the CLASSIC southern retort, “Well, bless your heart.” They hired me the next day. And, here I sit, able to blog about it all. Working for women sometimes isn’t as easy for me as working for men, but these gals are the salt of my own earth, members of my tribe, and dingy daughters of Texas who are strong, funny as hell, successful, and looking happy to meet each Texas sunrise even if they don’t feel that way.

I’m a happy working gal again … yeehaw!

KK’s Got a Job!

Thank God. I need to be supported in the custom to which I have not been accustomed since the last time I got a wild hair and bought three lobster tails and a jar of caviar just because I wanted to. I think that was a year ago last November. I can’t wait to go to the grocery store and buy anything without worrying about whether I have a coupon in my pocket to match it. As soon as KK’s first check is in the bank, I am hitting the Whole Foods Sushi counter, Sled’s Nursery (Pansies), and Steve’s Liquors. YEEHAW!

KK will undoubtedly insist we use her first checks for paying bills and other boring stuff like that. She’s so practical. She would rather pay our Time Warner bill than go to the Four Seasons and do Martinis and Kobe beef sliders. What a stick in the mud. She should be glad she has me around to keep her life interesting. Without me, she would be spending her Friday nights organizing the miscellaneous drawer in the kitchen. Of course, without her, I would be living under the I-35 bridge with a grocery cart for an armoire. Nevertheless, I would still be having more fun than she would.

I have to admit that having some additional, steady income makes me feel pretty secure. KK really likes this job, which makes me happy and causes me to want to make cheese soufflés. We are going out tonight, and it’s nice to know that we can eat whatever we want and use valet parking so that we don’t have to walk from fucking Waco to get to the venue.

I need to do some kind of favor or give some kind of gift to KK for making sure that we are all safe and secure …



Originally published on TheMidLifeGals