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When crocuses blooming in spring are to bud, people are going out altogether and as the long winter ends, their frowned faces begin to thaw out with delightful facial expressions as ever just walking on the street.

Here comes the climax of spring, the 30th of April Queen’s day. If you look down the Netherlands from the satellite on this day, you can almost imagine to see orange in the shape of Holland because the people and towns are all colored in orange.

In front of their houses they display unnecessary clothes and sundries and Holland becomes one of the biggest flea markets worldwide. Walking along these orange streets as far as I can see, I recall Dutch painter Van

Gogh once said, “Oranje is de kleur van gekte orange is the color of madness.

This could be true.

All the Hollander becomes a single creature in orange once a year. Even the travelers are melted into Holland once they are dressed in orange. Orange has the power, although instantaneously, to express the fruitage of imagination: Utopia into reality. Orange could be in that sense the color of madness as Van Gogh said.

And again comes an ordinary day after this, but they don’t feel any loneliness after the festival. This is probably because they have vision in their daily lives.

Hollander will spend the same day as today and take the same meals as yesterday, even if they knew that the world would end tomorrow. They have the moment to feel the pride that such ordinary day is the happiness. That’s why they distribute money among the people somehow finding difficulties in their daily lives by collecting tax from the people who have income more than to lead their daily lives thus getting rid of homeless people from the streets in the Netherlands.