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Home Goods

Paid off number three today, $350 spent on sheets for everyone for Christmas gifts last month. We live in a big, drafty house and we all complain about how cold it gets during the night, so I decided to buy everyone warm, fuzzy sheets for Christmas.  The entire family is enamored of them, so I guess it was a good purchase (five sets of queen and king sheets for $350), but it still felt like maybe it was over the top as I was hitting the “confirm payment” button to pay off the balance.  

Maybe the next time I need a new set of sheets I can drag out my old sewing machine and craft them from fleece instead of reaching for the card.  I used to love to sew and often made gifts for people instead of buying.  I always found myself enjoying it so much more than the crazed shopping excursions that seem to mark the holidays now.  Now, if I could only remember where I put my sewing machine . . .