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Homebuyers’ Tax Credit Success: One Woman’s Story

Life’s grand adventures are rushing in for Noel Delisle.

First, she and her longtime sweetheart finally set a wedding date. Then, just as the American Dream would have it, the search for a new home ensued shortly thereafter.

Noel, a hairdresser, and her fiancé Mike Spence, a crane operator for Davey Tree trimming company, are feeling elated and maybe a touch overwhelmed. On one hand, they’re thrilled about finalizing their wedding venue, and on the other hand, they’re saddled with that special kind of confusion and anxiety known only to first-time home buyers.

Noel and Mike both work full-time and have a hearty number of wedding-related items on the daily honey-do list. Because it is with limited time and energy that houses can realistically be hunted, the couple kicked off the pursuit in the logical order of progression. They first organized the loan pre-qualification. With their price-range in mind, Noel hopped online, with hopes high for what the market might bear.

“When I went online, it was so overwhelming. The individual sites we visited wanted too much information. One of the problems is that when you wanted to search for a property, you had to input a lot of information and you had to know exactly what you were looking for. But we didn’t know what we were looking for exactly.”

Frustrations mounted: “Many sites wanted me to input the year a home was built. What? Some wanted my phone number before they would show the pictures! Really?”

“Then I found Roost. It has everything you need in one place, there are no weird sign ups and it’s really simple. After one month [using Roost], we’re in escrow. We love this house! It’s a 3/2 and the best entertaining house we’ve ever seen. I tell people all the time, I found my house on Roost.”

Noel was expecting to spend six months or more on the process. Awe and envy appeared on faces of friends: Are you kidding me? You’re done already! How was it so easy?

“Nobody can believe it,” she explains. “Basically, I would go on Roost, print out all the addresses, and we’d go out on Sundays and look at the houses. It didn’t have us waste time on properties that weren’t really on the market. When we found the house, we called a realtor friend and said ‘We’re at this house and we love it and we want to know what we do from here!’”

The first-time home buyer tax credit plays a role
“It was also like, we have to finish all this by the end of the year for the tax credit. If we didn’t find Roost, we may not have found our house or even found something in time for the credit,” explains Noel “We didn’t know about certain hidden fees with closing the house, so the $8,000 [tax credit] is saving us. Wedding, new house, we’re tapped out … definitely big fans of the tax credit!”

Ninety days to marriage. Thirty days to pack up and move into their dream home. “It needs work on the outside, but we love it! I can’t say how excited I am!” Noel and Mike found their real estate search soul mate in Roost. May every leap of faith return happy results for the California couple.