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Honey! Do Bring Boxes!

And now it will take me to that exciting time in my life when I look around and realize how I have locked up my home during the winter months and now that clutter is beginning to bother me a lot! It seems as I stayed at home more, so did my junk. My bookcases are overflowing with books, newspaper articles I thought interesting, photos I’ve yet to put away, and as of this morning I have my speech to inform my husband as soon as he wakes!

“Boxes! I need lots of them! And your truck! It needs to be ready to haul these boxes to the appropriate places. The library, the thrift stores, the city dump, and while you’re getting your truck ready, please start cleaning out the storage buildings. Whatever you haven’t used in two years! It must go!”

This is not a good way to wake someone, especially when it’s 5:00 a.m. and you have an allergy causing you to have the nasal twang in your voice and sniffling and rasping between each word! But it’s been such a beautiful week with the weather so perfect and I had my wonderful grandchildren and therefore they take first priority of my time. I forgot about the cleaning for a few days.

We made a couple of trips to the park and then I let them play outside at my house. As I watched, I remembered the wonderful times I’d spent at my own grandparent’s home. It seems we were always pretending to be grown-up, not realizing the years would fly by, oh so quickly than we’d ever realize. Now I am reliving those memories through the eyes of my grandchildren.

Now back to my husband and the boxes! Another weekend has passed and still so much to do, but he has been working hard putting down laminate flooring in our home. I had called my friend to help me clean up all the dirt and dust his job caused. We cleaned for nearly three hours and my husband came home that night, walked through the house holding a hammer. I froze ...

“Where are you going with that hammer?” I asked.

“Oh, I thought I’d tear this wall down to start expanding the bathroom.”

“Don’t tear down that wall! If you even start to tear down that wall! I will scream!”

“Ok, honey,” he said as he gave me the most bewildered look.

“It’s my allergies. I can’t breathe! The pollen it horrible and along with that remodeling dust it’s impossible to get well. We just cleaned the dust out of this house! Please put that hammer down!”

Then came Saturday and my friend Lynda called and suggested a road trip to Douglasville, Georgia to visit her niece, Jennifer, whose son is only two months old. We had a wonderful trip; I call it a great girl friend day. On the way home, I called my husband and he quickly informed me, “I tore down the wall, but I promise I cleaned up my mess.”

By that time I didn’t care. I was relaxed and breathing normally again. In fact I was even glad when I saw how much larger the room looked. And the dust, well today the town is covered with a yellow power and my allergies have caused me to be miserable, but there is always joy to match the misery. I realized this as I sat quietly that night. I found photos taken of my dad before he passed away in March of 2008. Dad was playing with Mack and Breanna at the park before Parkinson’s Disease made it impossible for those trips after awhile. Yes, life is good, when you share it with the people you love! And memories are precious.

Life 101 is an ongoing lesson. And on that special day in the park I watched four generations of my family and each one had a special light shining their eyes.    

And by the way, my honey does have a way of slipping that hammer in the back door when I take one of my getaway trips ... I told him the other day, this economy isn’t changing our lifestyle at all. We live in a small home. It’s paid in full. And obviously if you ask, sometimes it takes years just to figure out where you want to plant your garden. I’ve always wanted a worm farm, just like my PawPaw had because we could catch some pretty big fish with those ooey, gooey worms.

But PawPaw’s Garden of Eden is another story.

Keep Smilin’ ...