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How to Acknowledge Your Boss on National Boss Day

If you do not want a raise, more vacation time, or to get in the good graces of your boss—stop reading! For everyone else—continue on. We have some great advice on how to acknowledge National Boss Day on Thursday October 16, 2008. With our help you will look like a star employee! 

Whom do you acknowledge?
Technically a boss is considered anyone who manages or supervises you; but a boss can also be a higher ranking employee whom you report to on a daily basis. If you think of someone as your boss—even though on paper he/she may not be—then you should acknowledge him/her as well.

How to acknowledge?
The most popular way to acknowledge your boss is with a card, a request to take him/her out for coffee/lunch, or with a small gift. It is important to write (or verbally state) what a mentor and inspiration this individual has been for you, and how much you appreciate this opportunity to work with and learn from him/her.

How much to spend and what to give?
Not a lot! You do not want to spend a lot on your boss for the following reasons: 1) you make less money than him/her 2) you do not want to be too extravagant and make your gift seem like a bribe and 3) well, the above two reasons pretty much cover it. Small and thoughtful gifts are much appreciated—from a bagel and coffee to your boss’s favorite candy (you should know what this is—you do spend all day with him/her).

Another great idea is to have everyone chip in and acknowledge the boss together. This not only allows for the boss to get a nicer, bigger gift, but it also alleviates any competition amongst co-workers. Some gift ideas for collaborative gifts for the boss are a tie with his initials, personalized cufflinks, stationery, etc.

What if you are your own boss?
Then why are you reading this? If you are your own boss- treat yourself to a massage, a nice lunch, a day off, or the new Vuitton tote you have been eyeing.

Happy National Boss Day!

Originally published on SomeoneSpoilMe