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How Can I Avoid the Office Drama? You Asked

Dear Sugar,
I recently quit my job at a company that I absolutely hated because I was constantly being mistreated. In addition, there were some very shady things going on behind closed doors that I was privy to, and completely against. I announced my resignation the day I left. My boss inquired as to why I didn’t offer to give two weeks notice per the contract I signed, and I told him it was because I disagreed with the way things were going down and asked that he understand and respect my decision. He agreed and said that it was okay for me to leave that day.

Here’s my issue: Every week since I’ve left, I’ve received phone calls and emails from this company asking me to assist them in training my replacement. I understand their need for my help since I left with no notice, but I simply don’t feel comfortable being a part of their company anymore. I don’t want to start a war or go into further detail about why I left so how can I make them leave me alone so I can put this entire experience behind me?—Taken Advantage of Amanda

Dear Taken Advantage of Amanda,
It sounds like you got out of there just in the nick of time, so if you don’t feel comfortable going back, don’t. Your boss gave you the green light to leave without staying for the two weeks you originally agreed upon, so don’t by any means feel like you have to help them train the new girl.

With that said, if you haven’t already received a reference from this company, you might want to talk to your boss about getting one ASAP, as your failure to help them after your departure could negatively affect the way they view your performance. If you don’t care about the recommendation, or if you’ve already received it, I’d simply be stern the next time someone contacts you and tell them you are unable to assist them and politely ask them to stop their incessant calls.

I’m not sure what went down there, but it’s pretty clear by your reaction that it’s something you need to put in the past. Lean on your friends for support and hopefully once they stop contacting you, you’ll be able to move on from this bad experience. Good luck.

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