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How to Develop Career in Journalism

So you want to grow a career in journalism? Though the world of journalism is much glamorous one needs to put a lot of effort to bring out the glamour. But this world is not only glamorous. It is that part of the society which is very much responsible for shaping the views and ideas of the public. A journalist has to be very serious about his/her responsibilities towards the society.

Journalists Play a Special Role
As a journalist you need to search for stories that would leave a deep impact on the society. Journalists shape public opinion with their news. Journalists shape public perception about a key issue. So the representation of an issue has to be unbiased. From local to international level, journalists play a special role in the society.

A Competitive Field

As a vocation, journalism has undergone many radical changes with time. The role and responsibility of a journalist has gained more and more importance in the society. This field demands skilled and enthusiastic professionals. Just like other professions journalism is a very competitive field.

Work for Passion
Jobs in journalism are perfect for those who are willing to work under heavy pressure, on weekends and holidays and any hour of the day because they need to meet strict deadlines. Journalism demands complete dedication and passion. Job should be the first priority of a journalist.

Skills Needed to Be a Journalist

Good communication and writing skill are not enough to be a journalist. Journalism jobs demand attention to details. You need to follow an event or issue very minutely. A story has to be presented in a detailed manner so that the public can find clarity and meaning in the story. Boundless energy is needed to be a good journalist.

Various Kinds of Journalism

Journalism can be mainly divided into three categories such as the print journalism, electronic journalism, and web journalism. But no single category dominates the field but a joint venture of all three contributes to the shaping of the society.

Print Journalism
Print Journalism is one of the oldest and traditional forms of journalism. If you are interested to work in a newspaper and magazine print journalism is ideal for you. You can choose to do field work that means collecting the news being present on a field where the event is taking place. You can also go for desk work. In this case you need to edit the stories impartially for presentation.  
Electronic Journalism
Electronic journalism includes TV and radio. A large number of audiences prefer electronic media because they can just go through the headline. For lack of time instead of going through the details they want to know the outline of a story. You can be a news reporter or anchor or news reader. You can also work in the production house. Excellent communication skill is needed to work in this field.

Web Journalism

These days the web journalism has gained much popularity. Most of the people use Internet now a day. They often don’t get time to read newspaper or watch TV or listen to radio. While surfing the web they can quickly take a look at the important news of the day or the current affairs. Web journalists need to generate content that are easy to understand, unbiased and they need to maintain clarity of the news as well.

Journalism has different branches as well. You can choose to cover political issues, corporate issues, fashion, entertainment, cultural affairs, films, editorial, sports, and so on. Media jobs are highly challenging. If you want to play a responsible role in the society journalism jobs are ideal for you.