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How to Find a Career Coach in Minneapolis

You have been doing a ten hours office job for the past many years but are still unhappy and dissatisfied, may be its high time you need to find yourself a career coach to help you out of this crisis. Only those people are happy with their job profile that pursue a career that identifies with their interests, skills, abilities and what they really want to make out of their life. A career coach can rescue you if you are not happy at your work.

There are many career coaches in Minneapolis who can offer you career coaching, counseling and advice. A life coach will help you to overcome your fears and support you to achieve your goals but does he himself have the sufficient knowledge? You can either work with a special psychologist or a careers advisor. Don’t go for a group program as you can make more progress by working with a coach who provides you personal attention. The number of career coaches is mushrooming like anything in the past few years, so how do we find a career coach who is the best one and suits our needs.

To find yourself a career coach in Minneapolis, the first thing you can do is search online on any of the popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Internet will provide you with many options and you can find out a coach who will be near to you and suit your needs. You should contact or meet at least 3 coaches and find out about their backgrounds. You should find out whom they have trained earlier, what specific training and experience they have as a career coach. There are many so-called coaches who just take a few days training or less by joining training programs that are available for meager ninety-nine dollar fees, do you think such a person would be having enough knowledge to help you?

You should talk honestly and openly with the coach, in order to make the most of your money. Though some may go for the conventional programs, others may be more open-ended and work with you according to your requirement. Make sure that the style of the coach matches with your preference. You should also find out about the charges, some of the coaches charge a fixed amount as fees while others may be charging you on monthly basis. You should also find out the level of experience of the coach. You will certainly make more progress with a coach who’s been there for a long while as compared to someone who is new in the arena. Make sure that the assignments which are offered to you are recognized by the British Psychological and offer a combination which assesses personality, interest and abilities. Only interests or personality alone would not be enough to make the choice, having an interest in something does not necessarily mean that you will be good at it. Don’t expect that the coach would be having some magic wand with him and it’s all going to be fine, you will have to do some work as well.