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How to Find a Successful Career in Advertising

Thinking of a career in advertising? Most of the people think that it is a glamorous career and they are right indeed. Career in this field is not only glamorous but challenging enough to boost your creativity. It is one of the most respected professions. Advertising is ideal for people looking for a promising career.

If you are creative and have good analyzing and marketing abilities, you can try your luck in advertising. If you have all these skills, there is no better field for you to make a lot of money. Though most of the people start from the bottom, if you are competent it won’t take much time for you to climb up the ladder.

Divisions of Ad Agencies
Well, advertising is a vast industry and it is hard to find a job that suits you best. Before you start looking for a job in this field, get a good sense about it. An ad agency is always divided into four departments: account services, media services, research, and creative.

Accounts Services Department
The positions you can hold in this department include account executive, assistant account executive, accounts manager, accounts supervisor and so on. Here you need to act as a representative of the client to the agency and as a representative of the agency to the client. You need to bridge the gap between the art department, production department, and the client. It will be your responsibility to see that the client’s requirement is met perfectly and on time. You need to work with all the departments and keep an eye on the in-house progress of the ad campaigns.

Media Services Department
Presenting statistical models to clients, minimizing the media cost and maximizing the effectiveness of the media come under your duties if you opt for this department. This department offers posts like media planner, media manager, media director, and assistant media planner. As a part of this department, it is your responsibility to purchase time or space in electronic or print media to run an ad campaign. You should recommend, as well as allocate, this time or space among clients for different ad campaigns and make them cost effective.

Research Department
Research project director, associate research director, research department manager, advertising research director, research account executive are the posts that you can look for if you are interested to join this department. The major responsibilities of the people working in this department are project design and mathematical modeling, statistical application, and methodology. Before a project is presented to the client it will be your responsibility to check the accuracy of that project. This job includes a lot of outside services.  

Creative Department
It is the most challenging department and the success or failure of any campaign largely depends on this department. In fact when people say jobs in advertising, they mainly mean creative jobs. This department is constituted of two major heads; the visualizer and the copy writer. The positions in this department include art director, assistant art director, creative head, visualizer, and copy writer. You need to have strong visual communication skills if you want to join this department. You should also have knowledge of the current advertising trend. Your responsibilities include developing artistic strategies, generating creative content (both visual and verbal/writing) and so on.

Careers in advertising are very promising if you can explore the opportunities properly.