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How to Fix a Running Toilet

Homeowners are generally shocked to learn that a leaking or running toilet can waste up to seven thousand gallons of water a month, which translates into about two gallons of water a minute.

The good news is that this is one of the simpler home plumbing issues to fix. We have all had the experience of jiggling the toilet handle and just hoping the issue goes away, which it will not. The following steps should enable all non-technical homeowners to solve the problem

A common problem is that the chain that is connected to the flapper has over time become too short and this will prevent the flap from sealing properly. Take the top off of the toilet tank, flush the toilet and see if the tension in the string is such that the flapper cannot seal properly. If it is too tight, you can incrementally lengthen the chain until the tension is correct.

If the tension on the chain is okay, then it likely means the flap assembly in the toilet is worn out and needs to be replaced.

In this event, you need to first turn off the water to the toilet. This valve is located behind the toilet, near the ground. Turn this valve to the right or clockwise all the way.

Flush the toiler once to empty the water tank so you can work. Now it actually is a simple matter to remove the flap assembly from the tank. You will not require any tools. Take it to your nearest hardware store and they will replace it with a similar or identical component.

Reinstall the new assembly just as you removed it. Turn the water valve back on and flush the toilet to see if there is still a leak. You may have to adjust the chain tension. The problem should be solved!