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How to Get Free Groceries

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get free groceries? Well the reality is that you can, if you take a little bit of time to do some preparation first. Here are several different ways that you can have groceries without actually spending any money on them. And yes, it is all legal.

Applying high value coupons to single serving or sample sizes is one of my favorite ways to get free groceries. If your coupon does not specify a particular size of product, then you can go ahead and apply it to the smallest size possible. Usually that is a single serving size. You can also check out the travel section of your store. There are usually name brand products in small sample sizes, and they are usually sold for one dollar a piece. Stock up on several one dollar coupons and you’ll get a bunch of products for free.

Signing up for manufacturer coupons on their Web sites. You are most likely to get a coupon for a free product this way. The coupons will cover the full price of the product. These coupons sometimes come as part of a manufacturer’s coupon booklet, or they may be given to you when you leave a comment about the product.

Combining printable coupons with manufacture coupons, such as Target store coupons is a quick way to get groceries for free. This is called stacking coupons. When you stack coupons, you can apply the savings from both coupons, and this usually covers the full cost of the product. You can get great full sized free groceries this way.

Using manufacturer coupons at your local dollar store is another way to get free groceries. Many dollar and discount stores do carry name brand products and accept manufacturer coupons. Apply your one dollar coupons to the one dollar products, and then you will get them for free.

Using buy one get one free coupons with a buy one get one free store promotion is a win win situation because you will get two products for free at the same time. The sale covers one product and the coupon covers the other product, so you walk away without having to pay.

I hope you enjoyed these free groceries tips.