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How to Get Free Shipping from Your Favorite Online Stores

Shopping online is so convenient and a real money saver. You can do your cost comparisons to make sure that you get the best deals. But let us face it, the shipping charges can be a big deterrent to shopping online. After all, you don’t want to wind up paying more for your purchases, even though it is great to have them delivered to your door.

To get the best price plus the convenience of shopping online, you’ll want to know how to get free shipping from your favorite online stores. There are several ways to get free shipping, so choose what works for you or for your particular store, and you will be sure to save.

Free Shipping with Minimum Purchase
You can often get free shipping once you meet a certain minimum dollar amount for your purchase. For example, offers free shipping when your total items reach at least $25. To take advantage of these types of offers, you can plan out your shopping. Add items to your cart over time but do not purchase them until you reach that minimum amount. Another bonus is in that combined shipping. If deliveries directly to your door aren’t possible, then you will only need to make one trip to the post office for all of your packages.

Coupon Codes and Promotions
Using coupon codes and promotions are probably the quickest way to get free shipping. Basically, you find a coupon code online that offers free shipping (use a search engine and the name of the store or visit a dedicated coupon code website) and apply the coupon code when you check out. Coupon links work the same way. You click on the link and the free shipping promotion is applied. You can usually find coupon codes for all of the major stores and quite a few of the specialty stores as well. Sometimes you can even combine free shipping promotions with other coupon code discounts.

Ship It to the Store
Many retail stores offer the option of doing your shopping online and then having your order shipped to your local store for free. Walmart is one of the stores that allows you to do this. By shopping online, you get the convenience of shopping at home, you often get items that are not available in the actual stores, and you can get better pricing. Your order will be waiting for you at your local store, so all you have to do is drive over and pick it up all at once.