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How to Make Lemonade from Life’s Lemons

I have always had some female complications, which after years of hormones, finally came down to having to have an emergency hysterectomy during the middle of the semester in 2006. I was scared because of complications, they didn’t know whether or not I would get to keep my bladder until they actually got in there. My oldest child then was not eighteen and as a single parent that was very traumatizing. The kids were counting on me and I didn’t know how the whole thing would turn out. Then I was also taking junior level physics courses and working 48-60 hours a week. Everything went ok and I got four weeks off from work. Yay! That is something when you count major surgery as a break, LOL.

I went immediately from the hospital to class on Friday after a Wednesday surgery. My professor canceled Wednesday class so I wouldn’t miss anything. Did I mention he was a wonderful teacher and became a good friend? The whole department was great. I got to keep my books in a conference room so I wouldn’t have to have someone tote them. I was the only women in a group of about six for more than one semester.

A lot of unexpected good things came from that little break. I started going to job fairs looking for an internship. After the first one I developed a strategy that served me fairly well. I don’t know how many applications I sent out, hundreds I guess. I got very proficient at it, I made up a spreadsheet beforehand of all the companies that would be at the fair then I could cut my standing in line time to meet and greet recruiters because I would know where I had been. Also, it cut down on keeping up with all the recruiters’ info. I put it into the sheet as I went. Bonus, the recruiters thought an excel sheet on my phone was very intelligent. In the end, it was a combination of my resume and canvassing job fairs and my research that helped me finally get that internship. It paid off in so many ways.

I try to look for positives in everything, lessons that can be used, ways to make lemonade out of the lemons life hands you. It is a good survival tool that has served me well. Are there ways for you to turn your life’s negatives into positives? Are you thinking along those lines or so lost in the grief over the problem that you fail to see the possibilities?