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How to Pick a Phenomenal Coach

You’ve heard it a bazillion times: a coach will help you achieve the results you want, and sometimes even help you go farther. Coaches exist for performance training in all areas of professional sports, and real estate is no different. A coach will help you hone your unique skills, get organized, and keep you practicing the specific behaviors that lead to success. A coach will help you focus on the goals you want to attain, and by doing that, monumentally increase the likelihood of achieving your goals.

But are all coaches the same? Not a chance.

How do you tell the difference between a phenomenal coach and a mediocre one?

Here are 10 things to look at when choosing a coach: 

  1. Does the coach resonate? Does your coach feel right to you? Can they relate to you, and do you feel that they understood you? Do you like this coach? You must walk away from the initial conversation feeling comfortable and confident in their abilities. If you have any doubt about his or her skills as a coach, choose someone else. 
  2. Does this coach ask questions to help identify what’s really interfering with your success or does he or she just stick to surface issues like numbers and sales activity?
  3. Is there a particular coaching process that will be used or is your coach just winging it?
  4. Is journaling part of the process and does your coach have access to your journal? Journaling is critical for helping coaches to identify your beliefs and thinking patterns. Without a journal, coaches have access to only a limited source of information about you and are functioning with a serious disadvantage.
  5. Is this coach naturally talented or just following a scripted manual? While a process is important, coaching is really a unique experience for each person. The coach must be able to instinctively pick up on, and understand, the differences between each client, and provide coaching that is tailored to the clients’ individual needs. 
  6. Does your coach have experience? Does this individual know how to handle a broad range of clients and issues?
  7. Does your coach have references? Can you talk to others who have been through coaching with them? What do other people say?
  8. What is your coach’s track record like? What results have they been able to help other clients achieve?
  9. Is your coach accessible? Can you reach your coach in between regularly scheduled calls?
  10. Is this individual fun, interesting, dynamic, and engaging? You will be spending a lot of intimate time together; you need to make sure that you are working with someone that you enjoy. 

Whether you are considering couples coaching, entrepreneurial coaching, or mindset coaching, all of the elements listed above are important to consider when hiring a coach. The relationship between you and your coach can be magical once you make the right choice, and it can be one that lasts a lifetime. Just as you choose your business partners with care, take your time and be selective when choosing a coach. Just because you have spoken with one that “sounds good,” it may not mean that it’s a perfect match for you. Make sure that you speak with a few coaches before making your decision. Ultimately, your gut will take the lead and tell you what is right for you.