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How to Survive the Recession

The recession that we are currently in has made me change some of my habits. This week I will shed some light on this matter.

For instance, each summer I purchase a pair of white tennis shoes—Keds, Vans, Walmart, Target, Payless. These are my throw-away shoes when fall comes. I wash my car wearing them, I garden in them, I thrash on them to no end. Last summer I painted a fence with them.

This year, my shoes will be lasting for another season.

When gardening, I generally will have had a row of pretty terra cotta pots, or at least matching pots. But it does not matter what pot it is—it matters what is in the pot that counts.

Taking up more of the yard for my garden. My hodge podge of recycled pots are IN this year. We shall see how it looks once everything is in bloom.

No more meeting some friends and eating out as often. I have been eating in a lot more lately.

Sample of a lunch: turkey, Munster cheese on wheat bread, persimmons, and mango.

Not sure what to say BUT I canceled my salon appointment the other day. The appointment where I would get my hair highlighted, cut, and styled. I canceled it and decided to dye my own hair my natural color. Barbara Hershey in Beaches flashback.

Unfortunately, I dyed my hair with semi-permanent dye. It will wash out in twenty-eight washes. Next time I will be more aware of what I am putting on my hair—permanent for three to four months is what I wanted. No more highlights for me, which is okay because I have saved $150 from a salon visit for a $10 box of dye.

And I am growing my hair out so I simply put it in a bun for now. It reminds me of Lilith from Cheers. But I am not that uptight.

I couldn’t cancel my upper lip and eye brow wax; there is no way I can tweeze or do the bleach thing. That has to stay.

My manicures have gone by the wayside. I can do it myself, thanks to Sally Hansen.

The pedicure, because it is summer, has to stay. I live in flip-flops generally unless I am working.

The weighing of what is important and needed versus what is wanted comes to my mind.