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Human Beings Finally Figuring It Out

New evidence suggests people are beginning to realize the Happily Ever After brand is a false trap.

A recent study commissioned by American Express discovered Canadians are fast trading their addiction to materialism for a life full of meaning.

The report revealed 28 percent of the population is on a mission to design a life of personal satisfaction. Marketing experts have dubbed this insight-driven group,“ The New Potentialists.” Giving up on the unfulfilling status quo, New Potentialists declare “there’s more to life than this.”

These meaning-thirsty people are building a lifestyle based on “enjoyment” versus slaving for the all mighty dollar.

Showing off with expensive cars, homes and other excesses is quickly being viewed as tasteless while the wealthy now seek to be off-the-radar, modest and understated.  

NP’s crave a richer experience with family and friends, adventure travel, the pursuit of hobbies and a healthier lifestyle. Career and monetary success now rank at the bottom of these respondent’s priorities.