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I Confess – I’m Addicted to Deals


Sometimes I feel like I am addicted. Addicted to deals, that is. This addiction started long before the economy tanked out. Actually, it’s been over seven years that I’ve been a deal hunter. This site came about because of my addiction! But sometimes I feel like I need to rein in my deal-seeking behavior.


Reason #1: I’ve been known to annoy my husband and others in line behind me at the store.
My husband likes the savings I get from using coupons. He just doesn’t like being with me when I use coupons. Because he knows I will inevitably hold up the line or the manager will have to come over and “override” the computer. He doesn’t like looking at the impatient stares of the other shoppers, as I save 50 cents on Ragu. While he is embarrassed, I’m in my “coupon zone” and notice no one around me ...

Reason #2: I care more about holiday clearance than the actual holiday.
Ok, that is a joke, but if you love holiday clearance like me (especially at Target), you will completely understand this. I hardly buy anything before a holiday (especially Christmas) because I know 12:01 a.m. Dec.26, it will be 50 percent off. Then a few days after that, 75 percent off. That is like my Christmas, to get a cart-load of stuff for 75 percent off. And don’t get me started on finding those “hidden” deals.

Reason #3: How many picture frames do I need anyway?
I love picture frames. I don’t know why. I just stock up on them. You’d think I’d stock up on more practical things like toilet paper and paper towels, but no. I have a bunch of frames in my basement. Silvery metal frames. Leather frames. Wooden frames. A large white frame I don’t think I’m ever going to use.

Reason #4: So many office supplies, so little time.
I like pens and pencils too. And notebooks. Never mind that my eight-year-old son won’t be able to use all of them during his school career. I like having well-stocked office supplies. I’ll tell you one thing, I hardly had to buy anything for my son going back to school this year. That was great.

Reason #5: My local Goodwill really likes me.
I donate a lot of stuff. A lot. Brand new stuff. It’s amazing what I’ve bought, that I thought I’d use and it just sits in my house collecting dust. So off to Goodwill. They love me over there.

Reason #6: People questioning whether their birthday/Christmas/baby shower gift was “clearance.”
Anyone who has a gift closet will understand what I’m about to say. Ever give a gift from the “gift closet” and you are afraid of being found out that it was marked down a lot? One tip for you, be sure to remove all clearance stickers!! And be proud! Finding an awesome deal is like finding a diamond ring on the street (ok, maybe not that awesome). But my point is, be proud you didn’t pay retail.

Those are all my confessions for now. I’m sure I’ll have more later. What are your deal-hunting confessions? I’d love to hear them!