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I Love Coaching

My Free Coaching Call this past week was a huge success! Your response was overwhelming and I thank you so much for all your support. We added an additional call, but we were only able to accept ten people in each and we had hundreds of people register. I promise that I will schedule another free coaching call in March.  

I was very excited to share the coaching experience. I love to coach.  

When I coach people, something magical happens for them and for me too. It's a reciprocal effect. My clients always tell me that they are blown away by how much they learn as a result of just a short conversation with me. The truth is that whatever I give, I receive so much in return. These coaching conversations are instinctive for me, and leave me feeling inspired beyond all measure. I find that by asking the right questions, I can get to the root of people's thinking patterns and help to move them in the direction of reaching their goals.  

You know, the most incredible thing happens in a group coaching environment. There is a sense of discovery and friendship. We all learn so much from each other, and my students find that even when I am working with someone else, I am truly coaching them the entire time.  

We are starting a new ten week group coaching class in March. If you want to reserve a spot in that group or get more information, just drop me a note, or give me a call.  

Have a great week,