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I Stand

Tonight’s training is an exclamation training for me.


Because I heard the right word to pull the trigger in me and, like Cupid’s heart, the adrenaline rush ran inside of me. That made me start again.

Not exactly start, but rather, move in another direction and follow the landmark they build to give myself more room for improvement. You all have seen me growing slowly, doing the mission of the business. I can still remember the time I first heard it during our chapter’s assembly in August 2008, given by our chapter head. He keeps saying to us to manage our spare time, learn new things, save for ourselves, no matter how much is left in our salary. Not until I was in that same shoes two years later did I realize the reason why he keeps pushing us. The invitation given during the Kerygma Conference November 2009 was like an answered prayer for me. I wasted no time and attended the financial lectures. And in the following year, I became financially literate. Learning how money works, protecting yourself and your family, funding an emergency breakout, managing your debt, and putting in the right vehicle your long-term goals. But mind you, I started with a lot of discipline. My whole circle of friends would surely attest to that. It’s a lot of discipline, losing some good old friends, missing some old parties and events, giving up some old routine of personal habits and accepting the fact of differences with others. What’s wrong with saving and building your wealth and becoming rich? And sharing the concepts with others? 

So let me get back to the exclamation point of training tonight. The Warrior’s leader echoed the message of convention held at Hong Kong January 29–30. And hearing them almost made me write five pages of notes back-to-back! Extravagant! Here’s the special message:

1. Life is a choice. Nobody pushes you to make a choice; it’s your own desire to secure your family and others.

Grain of salt: Surely nobody pushes us to jump into something without learning it. Before I exactly jumped into it, I did some research and read a lot of materials about it. But applying it is a different thing. Secure yourself first. Look for the opportunity to meet your goals. As for me, I am blessed that it’s the same teachings that were given to me. It was like I was handpicked by him to learn (you can never fathom how much more God can give you than what you prayed for).

2. Make it fast while you’re young. The best time to build is when you’re young.

Grain of salt: Time is a valuable asset in building our wealth. You cannot focus if you’re doing some other thing in your life. Don’t you know that being single is one of the best times of your life, serving and sharing with others? It’s about giving, helping people to understand the purpose. (What if you die too soon and what if you live too long?) 

3. Do not settle for ordinary dreams.

Grain of salt: And let me quote one of the speakers: “Yung dream ko, pagdating ko dun, inapakan lang. Ang liit pa nya. Mangarap ka pa. “I feel small with my dreams when I went there. Dream big.” Reassess your dreams right now. Are they ordinary and attainable? Or are they extraordinary and will take a mountain of faith and perseverance to make them happen? Write your goals. Read your goals. Morning and evening. Visualize it. Feel it. How we perceive is everything.

4. Be patient.

Grain of salt: Give yourself time. If you feel like quitting, don’t quit. Prepare yourself to the field. Equip yourself. Be a good student, teachability and coachability. Be emotionally discipline. Negativity is the best opportunity to win.

I have shared the facts and the insights I learned tonight. And why am I sharing it with you guys? Normally, I write my personal reflection of my own life’s journey with God in DivineCaroline, but today, I was able to write this one after a year of so much experiences and wisdom being with them/being in a team. I believe I still have so much to learn from here, doing the mission of the business, following the system, and the service to give and share. I am blessed to meet people who continuously emotionally challenge me and never fail to give me mentally support. I became tough by slowly doing this. Kidding aside, this kind of heartache/frustration is much greater than a real heartache/heartbreaker scenario.

Life is a choice. I fully understand the direction I’m going.

I believe. I stand.

Thank you for reading. Thank you.