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I Will Survive

Hello! My name is Jennifer Atkins. Four months ago, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I have been suffering from debilitating, chronic pain for over three years. I have had countless emergency room visits, blood tests, doctor appointments, and prescription “cure all” medications. It was actually a relief to receive a diagnosis finally, but at the same time very scary, as I was told there is no actually cure for Fibro.

Once I became more educated on my condition, it became apparent I would need to make significant lifestyle change in order to be able to reduce the painful “flare ups.” Stress reduction is the number one and most successful treatment for Fibro. As a single mom, it terrified me that my health would deteriorate to the point to where I could no longer take care of my son if I did not reduce my stress level and make my health a priority. Working forty-five-plus hours a week, spending an hour and a half commuting each way, and living paycheck to paycheck was certainly not allowing me lower my stress.

Knowing that I could not afford to stop working all together, I began my search for a job that would allow me to work from home. On my most painful days, everyday activities such as taking a shower, blow drying my hair, getting dressed, walking down my stairs, standing to cook meals, or driving are overwhelming and completely exhausting to me. I figured my only hope was to find a job that would allow me to work around my bad days and take advantage of my good days.

During my online search for jobs, I joined several social networking sites. The entire network marketing world was completely new to me. I immediately found that there were people successfullu working from home using social media as their main method for generating leads, creating buzz about their businesses, and producing income. Many of the people I met, and now truly consider my friends, are Momtrepreneurs. These moms are professional and brilliant at showcasing their talents. They have inspired me with their dedication to creating a work/life balance that they are in charge of. Their support for one another is genuine and unconditional. I knew immediately I shared their passion for following our dreams and using social media to accomplish our goals.

Finding a mentor and joining Rodan+Fields (ProActive) Skincare team is truly a blessing to me. I am thrilled to be working with such an amazing group of women. We all have the same desire to introduce the R+F products and opportunity to as many people as we can while working from home, enjoying the flexibility to work when we want, from wherever we want.

I have experience working as a freelance makeup artist. My specialty was bridal makeup and my successful reputation was based on a more natural, romantic look for my brides. My belief was that the bride should look like herself, only more beautiful on her special day. A wedding day was not the time to be experimenting with new looks and colors (a bit scary for the groom, as he would wonder who in the heck is walking down the aisle and what did they do with his soon-to-be wife!).

I was also formally a business manager for three major cosmetic and skincare lines at Nordstrom. I have seen and worked with many different skin colors, types, and conditions. I know firsthand how important it is to have a clear, fresh “canvas” to apply the makeup on. A personalized, consistent skincare routine is the first step to applying makeup.

We all know how acne, discoloration, and sensitivity skin can prevent us from feeling confident and reaching our true potential. As an R+F skincare consultant, I can connect people with the products, knowledge, and resources to change their skin. With the R+F products, great skin and the confidence and self-esteem that come with it are within everyone’s reach!