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I’m Too Old to Be Doing This!

That has been my mantra lately … and I have been believing it. I have been quite indignant about a “woman my age” having to work this hard. I had convinced myself I should quit!

But this evening, I assessed my career life honestly, and I could hear myself saying, “I have quit better jobs than this!” And I have. I have quit many jobs for various reasons. Sometimes my husband was transferred to another state. Sometimes a better opportunity came along. And sometimes, well more recently, I have just said to myself, “I am too old to be doing this!” and I have quit.

Tonight, I found myself on the verge of quitting another job. But then I spent two hours assessing the aspects of my job I find infuriating and how to correct it. I assessed my career-life and how to improve it. To my surprise, my conclusion has been that I am certainly not too old for this job!

Maybe it is the realization that now, in my mid-50’s, I have significant life experience to offer. There are many aspects of my work I still find very satisfying. No one at work is trying to push me out (yet). And maybe, just maybe, it is also the memory of my eighty-year-old grandmother, a legal secretary, putting on her high-heels and driving to the office to work for her ninety-year-old boss. (What a lady!)

So tonight, I decided to stop telling myself I am too old. I am not too old to do anything I want to do. Sure work is stressful at times, hasn’t it always been? I am still very capable, still wanted, and still needed where I work.

What was I thinking? In this economy, I am blessed to have this job.