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The Importance of Insurance

Financial security is far from being stable in our times. It doesn’t matter how big our monthly budget is, or how many savings we have, there always are situations beyond our possibilities and we can never be completely secured. This is why we need to take all the safety measures we can to secure our financial state, and the best way to do so is insurance. Insurance is the best defensive measure for financial stability. Even if you have a lot of savings put aside in a safe place, there can always be some kind of disaster that will drain all of your savings. In such situations, insurance is the only means to protect your finance. When you make a contract with an insurance company, this contract is called an insurance policy—we transfer the risk of some significant financial losses to the insurance company, and in exchange we must pay a regular monthly payment during the timeline of the policy called a premium. Depending on the insurance policy, the company may cover all of the losses or a part of them.

In any case, the insurance policy may save you many troubles if you are placed in a situation where you must pay a sum that highly exceeds your possibilities. There are many types of insurances, we can basically insure anything we posses. Most common insurances are for cars, houses, personal health, business insurances and liability. Some insurance as we all know are required from the law, you can’t drive a car if you don’t have liability insurance for example. Despite those that are demanded by the authorities, there are other insurances that are of most importance for our stable financial state. First of all we can’t neglect our homes, there are numerous dangerous and threats for our homes—there are the possibilities of natural disasters damaging our homes, also fires, thefts, vandalism. Those circumstances are not in our control, so we may not be able to avoid them, however we can avoid the financial losses if we have insured our homes. Our health of course comes in first place, so health insurance is definitely a must in our lives. Health insurance is meant to cover any unexpected and expensive medical services that we might need. You can even make a life insurance policy, which will pay a significant amount of money to your family after you are gone, so you can be sure for their well-being even if you are not there to help them.

The uncertainty in life is what makes insurances so important. Although we can never predict what will happen to us, with the right insurance policies we can be sure that we will hastily recover from our financial losses, and the insurance company will share the risk with us, to provide us enough security so we are prepared for the most unexpected risks.

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