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Dear Readers,

Okay, uhm, so we all have dreams that we see clearly but don’t remember how they went. Sometimes we have dreams we don’t remember having. Sometimes we even have dreams about the future that happens the next day or later on.

Though, sometimes, we even have dreams about our soul mate, gentlemen and ladies. Now, I’m no expert in love and I’m only thirteen years old! I have no idea how hard life can get, but even I have had my share of rough times. Like, for example, my grandfather’s death last year and his passing birthday, my third but major heartbreak, etc.

I may sound like a stupid, inexperienced kid, maybe even bratty in some of your opinions, but I ask you to keep your thoughts to yourselves. I only joined this website to discover the meanings behind my dreams and answer some people’s answers to problems. I might not be able to help and I might even give bad advice, but keep in mind that I’m doing my best here.

If you have any questions to where you can also find me, please feel free to ask. I’m known as Lilth-Vaan, or Lilth Vaan, or AoiLilith, but here on this website, you will also know me as Lilth Vaan. Feel free to call me Lil, or Lilith, or whatever nickname you come up with.

The first topic I’ve thought of talking about is something we’ve all had experience with; either we were the prey or the predator, it’s everywhere.

First topic is, yes, bullying.

Now, parents, this is your section to try and help your child or children fight against their bully’s attempt or even stop your child from bullying. We all know that bullying is caused by pressure, pain, or horrible past experiences, and the bully tends to take it out on other kids.

Now, I’m not proud to admit it but I’ve been the bully and the victim. As a victim, I’ve seen firsthand other children beside me being bullied and I’m the type who hates to stand around and watch. That’s how I became bullied. It’s also automatic since I’m a blonde and I’m teased because of that.

But, as a bully, it’s not very good for us since we may have been also bullied or teased in the past. We’re insecure (if not very) and we feel either unloved and neglected by other people in our lives, so we surround ourselves by the pain of others and the satisfaction of it.

Parents, constantly remind your child or children that the bully is just insecure and that they have something that they never obtained: the love and affection of others. It’s a very known fact that it’s true.

In my personal opinion, Three Days Grace, a rock band that is very famous amongst rock fans, has a song that is called “Bully” that explains bullying well in it. If you listen to the lyrics, you’ll realize that it is what bullying is in song form.

Now then, for the children, ignore them. They’re just doing it to make you feel bad about yourself. That’s all. You have something that they don’t and they want to take it from you. If you see someone getting bullied, go get a teacher. If you want to be a hero to someone, tell someone to get a teacher and rush in and defend the person.

I know I would have taken the chance if I could. So, I advise you to take action and help stop bullying. Some of us parents have suffered loss of our children or child due to bullying and other natural causes. Let us join together and stop bullying! You would a hero and a role model to your children or child.