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The Job from Hell (Part 1)

I would like to tell you about a job I once had. I want you as a reader to get the full affect about how intense everything was there. 

I stared at the millions of papers stuck to my office wall with clear little tacks sticking out. They felt like fingers pointed at my face saying, “It’s your fault. You’re doing everything wrong.” I looked at the calendar—what a joke. I see events such as paper coming, and letters sent out to senators marked. The place has no public activities. The phone hadn’t made that high pitched noise that makes you jump out of your seat for more than two hours. I stole a look at the clock, or I should say clocks. They are there in this little office. Tick, tick, tick—I wish there was some truth to the statement “time flies” because these clocks weren’t budging. I wonder if “man-boss” or “woman-boss” will ever show up. They’re are trying to teach me a lesson from the argument we got into yesterday. My mug stands tall on the table next to me. It’s stained with chocolate, looking like a volcano erupted. This little cup of hot chocolate keeps me sane in this place of crazies. How did I end up with this job and these people? 

I guess I should have seen it coming. I mean, how do I put up with the emotional abuse that eleven other admins walked out of. I’m getting ahead of myself. Before I start with the constant struggle and emotional rollercoaster of my boss, you have to understand the people I work with. There are a total of six people employed here. Two of which make working here bearable and three who make it hell. 

The first man employee makes inappropriate comments. Threatens to make my life hell. Never graduated from college. Been here for about thirty years. Man employee two is awesome. Acts childish at times. Cares about how I am. Very nice and acknowledges that I’m around. Woman employee is sweet. So nice. Hot tempered (but only woman tech). Very loud, wordy. But probably the most genuine person I know. Myself: passive aggressive. Push the right buttons and you’ll see a side you would never believe is there. Nice. Emotional. The Man-Boss. Fought in the war. Instigator. Short tempered. Yells a lot. Isn’t educated. Can’t hear in his left ear, but when he answers the phone it’s always on his left ear.  Woman-Boss. Bitch! And that’s being nice. Conniving. Condescending lying psycho. Short term memory loss (according to her). 

So as you can see there are a total of two people who actually are friendly around here.