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Keep Saving

I know with the current uncertain economic conditions for many it is getting difficult for many to save money. But it is important to look at how you spend you money and see if any more money can be found in your budget. 

With predictions of the end of the world, some people have quit saving since they think the end is coming. And also, when young people die, some say maybe we should all live like there’s no tomorrow since we never know when the end will come. It is important to live an enjoyable life, but I feel it is also important to be able to put some away for the future. 

I understand it is difficult when you are younger to put money away that you will not be able to use for 20-30 or more years. But the more you put away when you are younger the less you will need to save. The more time the money has to grow the larger it will become. Even if you older and have not saved much, it is still important to save. I hear some say it won’t make any difference. But even saving some is better than not saving anything.