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Killer or Thriller?

In the disco-era Seventies, a new adjective arrived on the scene that could best be defined as “truly outstanding, notable, exceptional, excellent, beyond wonderful, simply marvelous!” The word “killer” when used in this context, has been synonymous with image—how something looks or is perceived, particularly as it relates to style and fashion—”Girl, did you see those killer shoes she had on?” So when I hear that something is “killer,” I definitely want to pause and take note of what has been described as “the bomb.”

As an expert brand strategist and award-winning graphic designer for more than twenty years, I KNOW killer when I see it. In order to stand out from the crowd, your branding/marketing pieces need to be top-notch. Lately, I’ve been seeing some “thriller” design. Perhaps your piece is comprehensive in content, but raggedy in appearance … There are many software apps available which offer limited but workable design/layout solutions for flyers, newsletters, brochures, media kits etc. If you’ve tried your hand at designing your brochure and it looks sub-par to you, like your six-year old did it … imagine how it will appear to the company or organization you’re giving it to.

If you REALLY don’t have a design bone in your body—DON’T DO IT! Leave it to the professionals. Quiet as it’s kept, there are some great graphic designers out there who offer high-quality design ON A DIME! Check with your local chamber of commerce, Google for graphic designers in your area and seek referrals from friends and colleagues. Visit their websites. Check out their portfolio—are their designs killer or thriller? Who are their clients? Of course, some designers still may be out of your budget—keep in mind however, you get what you pay for. I suggest that you compare quality/creativity then price before choosing a designer. I’ve quoted projects and thought my pricing was reasonable. The prospective client, however, chose to seek a less-pricey designer to do their project but later came back to me because they weren’t pleased with the outcome.

Don’t leave your image to chance. How important is your brand to you? Remember, you only get ONE opportunity to make a good first impression. A “killer” design will most definitely persuade your customers to take a closer look at YOU and at your product or service.