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Last Minute Minutes!

How about even more last minute minutes?

Despite the fact that the government graciously granted tax filers two more days this year to pay their federal income taxes, I imagine what most folks filed were extensions.

Unless you were anticipating a windfall refund, does it really make any sense to stuff the treasury coffers any sooner than we have to?

Oh, I’m sure there are those among you that gleefully filed your returns early. You, there. In the back. The smug one. I see you. Anyone else?

I suspect most of us are last minute mavens. It’s probably a genetic prioritization system that has helped us survive since the caves – Lion, there. Handle immediately. Gazelle, there. It can wait.

I prefer to think of it as a trait hardwired into my DNA than, I don’t know, sloth. I remember a teacher once called me a procrastinator. It was early on. I had to look it up. They had a photo of a three-toed sloth next to the term. Ewwww. I still wasn’t sure what a procrastinator was but I didn’t want to be a sloth!

Maybe that’s why I’m so driven to meet and exceed deadlines. It goes back to the whole sloth/trauma thing. In any event I haven’t missed one that I can recall in a very long time. And yes, I made this one too! It may have been last minute, but I filed the extension on my taxes right on time!

Here’s a link if you need one…