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The Last Three Ingredients in a Compelling CranioSacral Conversation

In my last article, you learned how to blend three essential ingredients into a tasty Sound Bite to tempt your Ideal CranioSacral Client:

1. The Patient
2. The Pain
3. The Potential

Imagine now that you’ve used your Sound Bite—and your Ideal Candidate nibbled!

You told her who you help, what your ideal client is struggling with, and what she gets out of working with you.

Then her eyes grew wide, she stepped a bit closer and asked, “How do you do that?”

Take the opportunity to top off your Sound Bite with the last three ingredients that make up a complete CranioSacral Conversation:

1. The Process

At this point in your connection, the key is to keep the description of “that thing you do” as elementary as possible. For instance:

“I practice a very gentle, light-touch therapy that releases tensions deep in the body so you can relax, self-correct, and relieve stress and pain naturally. You simply settle in on my comfortable massage table in loose-fitting clothing and enjoy.”

Then add ...

2. The Proof
Your Ideal Candidate is a reasonable person. She doesn’t really expect a healthcare guarantee. (If she does, run like mad!)

What she does want is the satisfaction of knowing you’ve actually worked with someone like her before. And preferably, you achieved good results.

Providing that proof is as easy as sharing a client-outcome story. Boil it down to your client’s presenting problem, the therapeutic outcome, and the results your client experienced in her life because of your work together.

(Remember, no names or distinguishing characteristics without prior written approval.)

Now there’s only one more ingredient to add to the mix:

3. The Prompt
Before you ever have your first CranioSacral Conversation, decide what specific step you’d want your Ideal Candidate to take next.

Resist the temptation to put her on the spot by suggesting a session or even a phone call. She’s not ready. It’s still too soon.

Instead, suggest a risk-free next step. For instance:

“I’d be happy to send you some free information. Can I get your address? I’ll pop it in the mail.”

You just released any resistance your Ideal Client might have had. And if you listen closely, you can hear her sigh of relief as she finally sees help on the horizon.