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Late for a Very Important Date

Brides deliberately do it, babies are known for it, flights frequently do it and the poor white rabbit became famous because of it…

What am I talking about?

Why, lateness of course

This morning, as I was sorting out the aftermath from last night’s leak, organising breakfast, rallying a toddler and dealing with a temperamental car and unexpected traffic… I got to pre-school to find a locked door. We were late!

Luckily mums are generally quite forgiving of each other and mini-me was given a big warm welcome.

But what if he were older and this was an interview?

What would a prospective employer think if you turned up late (even by just a few minutes)?

It’s a big no-no isn’t it? Lateness is said to be the highest form of rudeness. Not the message you want to give the interviewer.

But we are all late sometimes aren’t we? Cars break down, trains don't run, flights are delayed, accidents block roads, keys become lost, children get sick… life, in all its wonder continues to happen even on the day of your important interview.

When you know you’re going to be late for your interview:

  • Take a deep breath and breathe
  • Call the Company. Let them know you’re running late.
  • Give a quick summary as to why you’ve been delayed.
  • Either give your new eta or reschedule.
  • Don’t panic.
This is completely acceptable; once!

If you reschedule, or you make the original interview, and get called back for another meeting, not being on time for the second time, could lose you that job. Even if you were otherwise perfect for it.