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Leadership ... Don’t Just Point the Way

As I was looking up the word “leadership,” I found images of people pointing the way for others. Is that really what a leader is? Someone to point the way? I guess I’m not sold. Leaders need to not only point the way, they need to show the results. Here are three easy steps for any leader!

  1. It all starts with YOU! As a leader you need to educate yourself and be knowledgeable. Ensure that you are a positive person not necessarily to look up to, but to enable yourself to enhance the lives of others.
  2. Be on task! If you want others to see you in a leadership role you need to see yourself in that role. Meaning ... as you work today, would you hire or fire yourself? By being on task you will drive home the fact that leaders do work to provide the results that are needed to be successful.
  3. TEAM! There is no “I” in “team.” I remember a poster that said that in my high-school social studies room. It’s so true. As you become a leader do not forget what got you there. Yes, you did put in the time and effort, but, if there was not a team to work with, no one would be there to follow you. Build those on your team up and enable them to become leaders as well.