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Lean into What You Love

Have you noticed how easy it is to ignore or discount the “secret” dreams tucked away within your heart? Between your endless ‘to do’ lists and your “should,” there appears to be never enough time, money or whatever to pursue what you really want to do or live how you really want to live.
Sometimes, it seems so much easier to push forward, to solider on into the life you have already created for yourself—even if it isn’t exactly what you want.
Then there are the rare, quiet moments where the dreams you thought you had tucked away for another day—or perhaps another lifetime—slip back into your awareness.
In these moments, it seems almost easy to believe in them, to trust where they want to lead you. More than anything else, you want to do just that.
You want to believe . . . to trust. God knows you’re ready for change—and have been for years now, too.
Thoughts based on lack, limitation and fear have grown tiresome. You want to step into and live a life of abundance, possibility and love instead.
Above all, you just can’t shake the sense that time is not only passing, but too much time has passed already. Even the phrase ‘someday’ has expanded to take on new meaning, shifting from being an eventual, perhaps, future goal to that of an opportunity (almost) lost.
Thus, let today be the day you honor your dreams.
Begin to live them now—not tomorrow or someday.
Start to lean into what you love.
Take one-step each day toward whatever it is you want to do or however you want to live.
Watch how in doing so, you reengage the flow of both life and love within you. Notice how your energy levels rise, your depression lifts and moments of utter joy slip regularly into your day.
Observe how by leaning into what you love, the time or space needed for your dreams to grow and expand emerges—as does the support required to live them.
Thus, when you lean into what you love, you begin to live what you love—as your dreams come true.