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Learn from Mistakes

I’ve been debating since I was eleven. Until now, I am still debating. My mom was also a debater. So, I think debate is already in my blood. My first debate motion was a computer brings more goodness than badness. I think that motion was suitable for a kid like me. It was simple. But I’d lost my first debate to another school. I never regretted. To me, I can be counted as inexperienced for it is my first experience but I do hope I can go far. One year later when I was twelve, again I participated in debate. This time I had a lot of tactics playing in my head. I told my teammates about the tactics and we planned a strategy. Alhamdulillah, we won the first round (without compete, the school didn’t show up). The second round, we were against St. Paul Primary School. The motion given was agriculture sector is more important than industrial sector. The motion was a bit challenging than the motion given for the year before. After the tough fight, we lost again. I accepted the loss. To me, the experiences that I gained through the debates were precious. And from the debates, I realized I’d become a wiser person and I became more matured, too. My thoughts were all beyond the thoughts of a twelve-year-old child.

Then, I entered secondary school. Everything was so different. I took time to adapt to the situation. So, I did not participate in any debate competition when I was thirteen. At the age of fourteen, I volunteered myself to teacher to take part in debate. Teacher accepted me. But debate in the secondary school was different. It is a parliamentary-style debate which is so different from the one I knew in primary school. It was harder, especially POI (point of information, I really don’t understand this. Confusing.). Maybe because of luck, somehow I was elected by teachers to replace my senior who went to Australia for family holidays to represent our state at National Level Debate. Only God knows how nervous I was. I challenged myself to be more confident because I believed that at Nationals, the candidates will be professionals. Of course they were professionals. It is National level debate we are talking about.

Before the nationals, the teacher gave me the flow chart. Our team will be against the team that had won this national debate two years consecutively. At first I thought it was a bad luck but good news, we won against them. Unbelievable, isn’t it? Then, for the second round we also won against the other team. I could not believe myself, we were at semifinals at Nationals! After the very amazing fight, however, we’d lost. But I was relieved, I’ve been this far even though some of us did not agree with the result (on certain reasons) I think it was enough for me.

Through the debates, I’ve learnt from my mistakes. When we fail, it does not mean we will fail forever. We must work hard to achieve our dreams. Put the negative thoughts aside. Always try your best. Do something before it is too late. The reason why I tell you my story is because I want you to know when you fail do not be scared to stand back. You already knew that I’d lost my first two debates two times respectively but look what happened when I continue doing the same thing over and over again? Think about it.

The recipe of success is determination, effort, and the most important is DO NOT LOSE HOPE! Be professional.